Top 5 Myrtle Beach Sandwich Shops


There are sandwiches, and then there are “sammiches”. Sandwiches feature a mixture of meats, cheeses and toppings between two slices of bread and may require a napkin. A sammich has a mountain of meats, cheeses and topping between two slices of bread and requires a whole stack of “nakkins” – but that's another story. Here are the top five “sammich” shops on the Grand Strand:

 Dagwoods Deli Myrtle Beach

* Dagwood's: Named for the old comic-strip character whose sandwiches reached the roof, this downtown Myrtle Beach deli keeps his spirit alive by piling their sandwiches high with creative combinations of Boar's Head products.

 Jersey Mikes Myrtle Beach

* Jersey Mike's: This national chain has taken the Grand Strand by storm with its hot-and-cold sandwich options. The meats are sliced on the spot and dressed to your specifications, but make it easy and tasty and just say “Mike's Way.”

 Manny's Myrtle Beach

* Manny's: You might not know from the looks of this south Myrtle Beach strip mall that it makes some of the best sandwiches on the Strand, but great delis usually are sort of tucked away. This place is as close to New York as they get.

 Toffino's Myrtle Beach

* Toffino's: This Italian bakery and deli is located in the Market Common neighborhood and features a lot more than sandwiches. Handmade pizzas, soups and salads share the menu, but the authentic Italian sandwiches are the stars.

 Which Wich Myrtle Beach

* Which Wich: This North Myrtle Beach sandwich shop makes it easy to order here: Enter, grab a pen and a paper bag, write your name and put a check mark beside what you want and turn it in. Your hot oven-baked sub or cold-cut concoction appears in the bag minutes later.

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